With Wooboat keep connected to her! The Woobox® is intended for owners who want to stay connected with their boats via a web or mobile application (iOS and Android). With its internal GPS and its European & North America GSM coverage, a Woobox® can locate a boat, follow its route or monitor its position.

Its greatest asset is its connectivity. By default, the Woobox® connects a large number of sensors (voltmeter, thermometer, water sensor, intrusion detector,...) and can control equipments such as pump, light, anchor lights, heating, fridge, etc.

Another benefit : the Woobox® can be set up to activate defined commands automatically. Thus, in case of damage, a banned movement, an intrusion..., the Woobox® alerts the owner and automatically activates one of the selected equipments.

Wooboat Kit - Control your boat remotely