FIREVASE® is a new concept. Easy to use - you simply throw the vase on the fire! The vase is attractive and always at hand in an emergency. It contains the extinguishing agent normally found in a traditional fire extinguisher and is not complicated to operate. In an emergency simply grab and throw!Because every second counts when a fire starts, this is the appropriate response to prevent a disaster. Everyone spends hundreds on house insurance and everyone values their belongings. Why not spend so little to have a secure home together with a pretty vase that is ready to be filled with nice flowers?200.000 firevases have been sold last year in Asia. Now available in the UK only on this site.


For Belgium and The Netherlands please buy directly from our exclusive distributor website:

Ronest Safety

groothandel en exclusief importeur van de Firevase®.+31(0)6-55523864 


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